What happens if the process building is delayed?

We will try not to delay the construction and handover of work, but if that happens, we will be ready to be fined in accordance with the regulations and as stated in the construction agreement.

What happens if my payments are delayed?

We will make an agreement on how to pay according to the agreement; if it is violated, there are several options, such as the money being refunded but deducted 25% of the total agreed price, or we can give an explanation by giving leeway to pay with certain conditions, but the building cannot be handed […]

How do I get my property insured?

We insure the building during the construction process, and after that is completed, the insurance is handed over to the property management.

Is this a good time to buy?

Yes, because the Tumbak Bayuh area will develop as a tourism destination, and many attractions will spring up around it.